Daily Lunch Specials

You can always find a special deal at Little Mexico. We offer daily specials, and always have special lunch combo pricing.


Taco Salad

Try our ground beef or chicken Taco Salad. A crispy  flour shell with beef or chicken, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream and guacamole.


Grilled Chicken Chimichanga!

Want something exciting and different, try our grilled chicken chimichanga.


Chicken Cancun $5.99

Every Wednesday from 11am-3pm, we have Chicken Cancun for $5.99


Pollo Loco $5.99 

Every Thursday from 11am-3pm you can purchase Pollo Loco for $5.99! 


Chicken Fajitas

Every friday try our chicken fajitas for $5.99


Ground Beef or Chicken Chimichanga

Try this for a flavorful meal.


Special Nachos $5.99

coming soon


Regular Draft Beer $1

Every Monday you can get a draft beer for $1 each! What a great stress reliever for Monday weekend aftershock!


We have a broad variety of choices for you any day, but here you can find some of our great specials



12oz Lime Margarita $1.99 w/ flavor $2.99 | 16 oz Lime Margaritas $2.99, w/ flavor $3.99.

House Tequila $3.99


Margarita Special 

Every Wednesday 2-6pm come by for a refreshing margarita. 


As a family restaurant, we do not have a bar, but we do offer these drinks for those who would enjoy drinking responsibly. Thank you so much for your business.


Coming Soon

Item info coming soon.

 Some Favorites to consider

 A Few Other Items

Famous ACP’s Menu

Our Famous ACP’s

We have a variety of what we call, The “Acapulcos”. We have Acapulco Chicken, Pineapple, Shrimp, The Texas, Steak, the Loco ACP Texas, the Mazatlan, and the Super. These range from $9.99-$11.99.



Vegetarian Menu

Vegetarian Options

A menu is not complete without vegetarian only meals. Here at Little Mexico, we offer Vegetarian Burritos, Nachos, Tacos, Sopes, and Chimichangas. These range in price from $7.50-9.25. We also offer a Vegetarian Fajitas for 2 for just $17.25. Gives a call or come by today!

A La Carte Menu

A La Carta

Not that hungry, but want food from your favorite Mexican Cuisine? Consider our A la Carte menu. We have everything from burritos and enchiladas to quesadillas, tacos, and tamales. Consider a Tostadas or Chalupas, even Chile rellenos. Many of these come with 2 or more per order. Prices range from $3.50 for a Tostaguac to $7.25 for 2 Chicken or Beef Burritos. Give us a call today or come by for a quick meal!

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